Editorial Guidelines to Submit for Écrit

Who and what is Écrit ?

Écrit is a literary magazine with a focal point lying in the essence and process of ‘writing’. It’s fascinating that like any other art, writing also has a method to it. As writers who become their own readers while writing — put themselves in their reader’s shoes — they are always battling with an inner struggle with respect to ‘writing’. At times, we love writing as much as we hate it. And why shouldn’t we? We uncover ourselves to people who may or may not like the way we live or write.

However, with every age, there comes those writers who are truly trailblazers and the source of a profound change in their times. With every age, we collect and get inspired by many such stories about the lives of the writers and their art of writing. So why not share your stories, struggles and ideas on writing to tickle someone’s creative muscles.

To think, Harry Potter got rejected many times before getting published, or Jamaican author Marlon James’s novel got rejected 80 times before winning him a Man Booker Prize in 2015 foretells another story.

This story is neither read by anyone nor printed anywhere so brazenly. We are looking for such personal accounts from you.

To make it easy for the readers and writers, the prompt is — ‘ Being a Writer’.

The interpretation of the topic is left to be twisted, to get creative and be understood by you.

How to contribute?

Calling all the writers from all niches-

First step — For the new writers who don’t have a Medium account, can send us a good old email at namarita93@gmail.com .

Your mail should have the written piece, your display picture, and a small bio about yourself. If the piece is published somewhere else, kindly send us the original link with it.

1) Have a Medium account ( it’s pretty easy and quick to log in from twitter or facebook) and 2) mail the link of your work on medium at the same address as given above.

Second step- Once we publish your work, we will add you as a contributor. [though, it is again your wish]

Third Step- We accept all genres, from Poetry to Prose and Essays. The conditions for Poetry should be 20–30 lines [ we love free verse, you have the freedom to pick your style :) ].

Essays and Prose should not be longer than 3000 words. While submitting the work, kindly select a picture with it, otherwise, we would have to pick one !

Fourth Step- We love final drafts and a well-written piece.

Fifth Step — Social Media is the fairy Queen whose benevolence should not be taken for granted.

So, once your work gets published, don’t forget to promote it with us on different platforms. #beingawriter for Twitter, please!

Before closing up, we remind again that we are looking for pieces that project a kind of struggle, experience, and your personal thoughts on ‘being a writer’ or ‘ a writer in progress’, for instance, productive instructions on the art of writing. Feel free to expand your creativity and share what goes inside that writer’s mind of yours with the whole world!