How spreading your writing across different publications can get you noticed

Here are my “Recommends” stats from the last 30 days. As of today, I enjoyed a pleasing spike in Recommendations on my published pieces. Over 10 Recommendations in a day was a new record for me. This may seem incredibly small to many successful Medium writers, but it feels good!

For those starting out on Medium, this should give you hope! I only started publishing on Medium “properly” in the last month or so. (I’ve had an account for a year.)

My approach? Daily writing. Daily publishing. Initially, I posted a daily blog post / article on my Musings of a Techie publication. It was essentially acting as my new blog.

My approach? Daily writing. Daily publishing.

I started with completely zero engagement. Barely anybody read my early posts, let alone “recommended” them. I then began to follow some other literary themed publications and got a feel for how they worked. The variety of their content was encouraging. I can do this, I thought to myself.

I am now regularly submitting to a couple of other publications that have a decent following. These are where the majority of my recommendations are coming from, but my own Musings of a Techie publication has started to pick up a few recommendations as well.

Here are the stats for the latest three posts that went live today on two other publications.

I’m not sure how it happened, but you can see an almost 100% read-to-recommend ratio. The numbers are small, sure. I’m not worried about that. Just having one reader hit the “Recommend” button makes me happy.

One month in, and I’m ready to push on to even better things!

Look forward to seeing you around.

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