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The Élance Newsletter 06

A Treaty of Self-Characterization

1st Half of December 2021

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Welcome to the sixth newsletter of The Élance!

Writing is like a pact with one’s self. It’s an agreement with yourself as a writer as to what writer you want to be and what writing you want to write about. It will ultimately shape and determine how you and others will characterize you as a writer.

Writers need to agree as to how much or to what degree of nonfiction will be included in their work. Perhaps much or some of it could be inspired by real-life events, but it could also be from witnessing others’ life events.

Moreover, each epoch lends itself a unique time where writers living through one in their special circumstances or through the global and national (even local) news of their times can’t be ignored. It inevitably often gets incorporated into the style, form, and content of what one thinks about and might choose to write about.

We are living through some pretty major events, not limited to this pandemic, but serious political events and local and personal events that affect our daily lives. I’ve captured a few in haiku with some context added this month for perusal. But the nature of their subjects also alert me to the passage of time and the necessity to prepare psychologicaly and mentally for some future time that I don’t know where it will lead.

This comes at an importune time near the end of the year where we naturally might also consider our plans in the coming new year. It’s a good time to contemplate all these things.

Take a read and let me know your thoughts.

Read more also to this newsletter here: The Élance Newsletter 06.

Haiku Poetry

Traitorous Fealty

“Politics is sensitive. People have strong opinions…”

Wars Are Waged in Cowardice

“I like this word “critical” because of its other perhaps unpopular usage. We often casually use it to mean when making a judgment of other people like in critiquing them heavily. But it can also mean having worldly discernment…”

Don’t Let What’s Passed Keep You Cemented in Chagrin

“Time is the most precious thing we have…But regret is a dangerous feeling…I am reminded of the famous sayings about death, for example, many which hold water when you consider your own vulnerability in the flesh and in the dominion of limited time…”

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