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The Élance Newsletter 09

Purposeful Expression

2022 (February)

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Welcome to the ninth newsletter of The Élance!

It’s been difficult to feel at ease this last week. Writing is something that can express our feelings and also about our world around us. But writing creatively displays a rare freedom that feels middling to the current global events of a genocidal war being waged by a tyrant against a self-ruling country in Europe. Now, reminds me of the all too great importance of good, truthful, and empathic writing as well.

These are the times where the real-life outside of our writing presents an internal personal conflict between creative writing and putting it aside in order to listen and watch intently the unfolding of a real-life global affront which feels too close to home. Even though the Russian invasion is far away from where I sit, this reality feels as close to home as anyone or any country threatening the very freedom in which I have the environment to write.

My feelings are bottled up and continue to grow as I follow the events of Ukraine’s beleaguered country by airstrikes bombardment, enemy encirclement of various towns; the full onset invasion by Russia. Expression no doubt comes forth from the result of emotional and well as worldwide events that affect us all which will outpour when it does.

But I hope on the other side of all this, we recognize that words do matter. Quality of our message matters. Purpose of our writing matters. Striving to elevate our purpose in our writing matters. Everything else is still writing of a kind but it’s just not writing that can save even ourselves from the real world.

This past month prior to the Ukrainian crisis has been quite retrospective in poetry. I’ve written them in reference to our past that has lessons to teach us. I believe in building up our cultures and ourselves as people. Take a read and feel free to leave me your comments.

Your can also read more to this newsletter here: The Élance Newsletter 09.


If I Were Your Jukebox [Happy Valentine’s Day inspired]

“The most interesting currently surviving brand of jukeboxes from America produced the term ‘rock ’n roll’ that would be coined by a Cleveland radio DJ in the early 50’s inspired…”

No Toil Without Tears

“Somehow history seems to repeat itself. We fear as a society that we don’t learn our lessons like we should.”

The Crying Duckling Has the Last Howl [haiku]

“There was some murmuring and cries of surprise. A commotion surged around the center row right smack in the middle of the room. There was a triplet of friends but particularly someone at one end was just about to sit…”

Micro Prose Poetry

The Dead Boy Grows Up

“Something breaks your soul when you give up. It’s no longer fun and games or the childhood dreams of your innocent youth when you’ve been defeated so far gone that it’s enervated your reason for even trying anymore.”

Abandoning Geneological Knowledge

“What of the influence of technology on the upkeep of age-old cultures and long-held skills that carry knowledge of centuries and came directly from one’s own family lines?”

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