Õpet Comes in Strong as a Top 10 APAC Machine Learning Solution Provider of 2018

Jul 23, 2018 · 3 min read

By Charlotte Kng

Even before its official app launch in September, Õpet’s design and use case of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has proven its worth and recently clinched a place as one of the Top 10 APAC Machine Learning Solution Providers of 2018 as judged by CIO Advisor. Its novel idea of incorporating artificial intelligence into a digital companion chatbot and tertiary option recommender took the world by storm and leading innovation magazine, CIO Advisor, sure isn’t going to let that slide without highlighting that to its rich profile of tech-savvy readers.

CIO Advisor is an established publication that prides itself best in identifying leading industry insiders and experts, not forgetting unique solutions and services that are foreseen to transform APAC businesses and enhance the legacy system. With its wide network and extensive research in recognizing game-changing individuals and projects within the innovation and tech space, a slot on CIO Advisor’s top 10 listings has never been known as an easy feat. CIO Advisor often covers prominent industry experts, including the likes of Nick Wilkinson — CEO of Binary Tree, Ryan Wu — CEO of Qihan as well as Vikash Varma — CEO of Argyle Data, with Õpet soon to join the hall of fame when the top 10 APAC Machine Learning Solution Providers get coverage in its September issue.

The full article will feature Mr. Wilson Wang, Õpet’s Founder and CEO, alongside other esteemed rankers on the list, as they discuss how their machine learning solutions are set to revolutionize and disrupt the world. With their core stemming from a very niche and novel arm of technology — the blockchain, Õpet is not only conquering the machine learning aspect of things; it will push boundaries and change the educational game by introducing a whole new level of security, transparency and decentralization in the storage and analysis of academic-related data, creating a more inclusive space for all learners alike.

Token Sale

Õpet’s private token sale kicked off earlier last month and will run until the end of August. Early bird incentives for the public pre-sale will be through bonus tokens, computed as follows:

· 20% bonus tokens from 1 September to 8 September

· 15% bonus tokens from 9 September to 16 September

· 10% bonus tokens from 17 September to 23 September

· 5% bonus tokens from 24 September to 30 September

The official token generation event will be on the 1st October 2018. Reach out to Õpet’s management team at support@opetfoundation.com for further information about their private sale.

About Õpet:

Õpet is a Singapore-based company, focusing on the development of an AI-companion chatbot that is capable of learning high school curriculum and revision assistance. It also offers a digital companion tuition service to assist in students’ revision efforts, as well as recommend suitable tertiary institutions and courses of study globally via collected user data stored on its unique blockchain solution, facilitating a seamless tertiary/college application and admission validation. Õpet also empowers an accountable way of education-related philanthropy.


About CIO Advisor:

CIO Advisor has culminated as the leading print platform offering a fresh aspect in understanding the latest innovations and technologies in the APAC region. Following a peer-to-peer learning approach, CIO Advisor spearheads in highlighting industry’s latest trends and technologies and brings forth the ideas and values of industry leaders to assist insurance experts to established corporations alike.



A blockchain project to enable seamless tertiary & college…


A blockchain project to enable seamless tertiary & college application and admission


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Bringing AI and Blockchain Technologies into education, Õpet is revolutionizing students' lives, helping them to reach their full potential.


A blockchain project to enable seamless tertiary & college application and admission