Õpet on a Roll, Secures Yet Another High-Profile Investor for its Blockchain-Based Education Project

By Charlotte Kng

Singapore, 13 July 2018 — This just in: Õpet has successfully locked-in a USD 2 million investment by Pecunio, the leading Fintech company in the United Arab Emirates. That’s not just it, Pecunio has also offered to purchase all remaining allocation of Õpet Tokens (up to USD 2 million) by the end of Õpet’s token sale window — a move that will likely drive further investor confidence in the project.

While it is undeniable that the significance of this investment will give Õpet a huge push in hitting its funding goal by the token generation event, it is not the sole gain the blockchain-based educational platform will be reaping from this arrangement. Most recognize Pecunio as one of the most successful ICOs in 2018; apart from the sheer amount of attention and funds it has raised through its token sale process, it has also forged robust partnerships in the blockchain industry — the one thing Õpet needs to establish an unyielding standing in the global blockchain arena.

“This momentous arrangement will bring Õpet the opportunity to be pitched to further institutional investors as part of Pecunio’s exclusive seed portfolio — a move that will only extend Õpet’s presence in the global scene, gaining more traction than it already has. It is also encouraging that a notable innovative fintech firm like Pecunio pays specific attention to support a wholesome blockchain project in this rewarding Education-Inclusion and Impact Investing space, lending credence to the potential of how disruptive technologies can truly foster the equality of opportunities globally. We are extremely excited to have Pecunio riding on this journey with us.”

– Mr. Wilson Wang, Founder & CEO of Õpet.

Pecunio’s team has always been an exceptionally robust one; their helming individuals originate from traditional Fintech heavyweights along the likes of Capgemini. With strong confidence coming from a sturdy band of technical experts, Õpet is likely expected to ride easy through its public sale window before the conclusion at the end of September.

“Doing good things doesn’t mean you can’t be profitable. Giving USA 2018 reports $60bn of education related philanthropy every year just in the US, if only 1% tried Õpet method, it’s a whopping 600mn demand for OPET tokens on the crypto-exchanges. What I like most about the project is the people, and their dedication. Wilson knows the language of business, how to attract and retain the best people, and he lives and breathes a clear and noble vision. Supporting him and his team to succeed provides us at Pecunio with the opportunity to change the world for the better.”

– Mr. Reinhard Berger, CEO & CFO of Pecunio.

Private Token Sale

Õpet’s private token sale kicked off earlier last month and will run until the end of August. Early bird incentives for the public pre-sale will be through bonus tokens, computed as follows:

· 20% bonus tokens from 1 September to 8 September

· 15% bonus tokens from 9 September to 16 September

· 10% bonus tokens from 17 September to 23 September.

· 5% bonus tokens from 24 September to 30 September.

The official token generation event will be on the 1st October 2018. Reach out to Õpet’s management team at support@opetfoundation.com for further information about their private sale.

About Õpet:

Õpet is a Singapore-based company, focusing on the development of an AI-companion chatbot that is capable of learning high school curriculum and revision assistance. It also offers a digital companion tuition service to assist in students’ revision efforts, as well as recommend suitable tertiary institutions and courses of study globally via collected user data stored on its unique blockchain solution, facilitating a seamless tertiary/college application and admission validation. Õpet also empowers an accountable way of education-related philanthropy.


About Pecunio:

Pecunio is an asset platform for safe and easy blockchain investments, and is the leading Fintech company in the United Arab Emirates. The platform’s products and services cover a huge sector of blockchain innovation. Investors benefit from a sound business model, which enables investments into angel & venture capital (AC&VC) investments, initial coin offerings (ICO), high-end cryptocurrency funds and asset-backed tokens. Pecunio’s mission is to eliminate all technical and psychological hurdles and to provide easy and secure access to the crypto market. It is the combination of professional financial management, high technical expertise and reliable structures.


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