Õpet Partners With Researchers From Cambridge’s JBS Psychometric Center to Apply Personality Profiling to Education

By Pon Swee Man

Source: JBSEEL

Singapore, June 25, 2018 — Õpet unveils its latest partnership with the prestigious University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School’s Psychometric Center (JBSPC), working with researchers to develop a personality profiling tool to help students understand themselves in the pursuit of higher educational or tertiary options.

The partnership presents immense potential for the evolving education sector. Õpet brings education into the individual’s own hands with its personalised Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot companion, while JBSPC provides Õpet with advisory expertise and data-based psychometric support to advance the development of its AI-blockchain technology. The collaboration will allow Õpet to incorporate JBSPC’s breakthrough personalisation engine — an application that can predict psychological traits from digital footprints of human behaviour to its system, reaping the insights of the personality profiling tool and applying it to education.

As a company focused on designing and delivering education to professionals in managerial or executive roles, JBSPC’s inclusion expands Õpet’s predominant focus on secondary education to post-tertiary levels, in line with Õpet’s mission to create a wholly personalised learning platform for individuals for use at their own time and convenience.

The projected end result is an improved AI-learning companion that caters to each student’s unique learning needs — a revolutionary device empowered by research insight encompassing user psychology and AI-blockchain technology.

Õpet’s novel AI-chatbot is programmed to be millennial-friendly. It collects user data upon usage and becomes highly contextualised to a student’s background in terms of age, demographic, language, country — and may even be ethnically sensitive, depending on its amount of user interaction. The interactive bot then analyses the strengths and weaknesses of its user’s learning and provides relevant recommendations that target these areas. Its collaboration with researchers from JBSPC will usher in even greater possibilities for the AI-bot, increasing the accuracy and specificity of its user data analysis by providing a Big 5 Personality Test with a scoring mechanism for integration with the Õpet app.

Upon using the Õpet bot, users partake a Big 5 Personality Test, and receive a test score. Through JBSPC’s engine, narrative analytical feedback on these scores will be provided, afterwhich the scores will be used to tailor useful content recommendations — advancing the specificity of Õpet’s personalisation engine.

Õpet’s unique proposition lies in its ability to connect with students in a way wholly dictated by them: their textual interaction with the AI-chatbot provides valuable data that reveals their personalities, traits, interests, needs etc. Such authentic conversation is free-flowing, contextualised to each individual, and can be as lengthy as the user’s chattiness, providing ample data but also proving tedious for the bot’s selection of relevant insight.

Moving forward, JBSPC will develop an intelligent AI-programme to convert free text into personality scores and predictions, a function that will greatly streamline Õpet’s user data collection. In addition, JBSPC will advise Õpet on its foray into the complex field of computational linguistics and create a predictive user model based on the results collected, proving to be a complementary, mutually beneficial partnership for both parties.

The contract was signed between Mr Wilson Wang, Founder and CEO of Õpet Foundation, and Judge Business School’s Executive Education Limited’s Director of Executive Education, Mr Kishore Sengupta — both of whom were optimistic about their joint productive potential in presenting a more intelligent way of learning to the world.

About Õpet Foundation:

Based in Singapore, Õpet Foundation is the developer of an AI-companion chatbot for students to engage in personalised learning at their own convenience. Harnessing the potential of AI and blockchain technology, Õpet’s chatbot is capable of self-learning school curriculum, and acts as a study companion that is contextualised to student’s unique needs. It is available for use anywhere, anytime — helping students to achieve their full potential at their own pace.

About JBSEEL’s Psychometric Center:

Judge Business School’s Executive Education Limited’s (JBSEEL) Psychometric Center is a privately-owned subsidiary of the University of Cambridge. It designs, develops and delivers executive education from Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. It is committed to protecting and respecting individuals’ privacy in compliance with data protection legislation.

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