Õpet’s Blockchain-AI Study Companion Empowers Students of All Learning Abilities

By Pon Swee Man

With Hey Google, Ask Alexa and Hi Siri being buzzwords, artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants have proven themselves as much-needed gadgets to empower lives. Now, there’s one for education too.

Õpet Foundation is the first to introduce its groundbreaking Õpet chatbot, a blockchain and AI-powered study companion-cum-digital tutor, into the field of education. The revolutionary technology takes the form of a text-enabled chatbot application that can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets and computers, thereby empowering its student users with interactive and accessible own-time-own-target learning.

Struggle at the back of the class no more. Whether you learn fast, slow, or simply need extra help that you can’t afford, here are 5 ways you can revolutionise your revision with the Õpet chatbot.

The Õpet chatbot offers custom interfaces, interactive conversations and out-of-textbook references

Ask Questions in Your Brain’s Natural Language

Ever browse an FAQ log or answer sheet and not find the answer to your question? This is because our brains are unique; we think in haphazard flows. Instead of adhering to the rigid question-and-answer formats favoured by schools and assessment books, Õpet’s AI-enabled digital companion delivers the study materials you need like a Siri or Alexa chatbot.

Ask the Õpet chatbot any question in the natural language unique to you and receive thought-provoking answers in the way you understand best. You can also snap and send a picture of any homework you’re stumped with; the intelligent Õpet chatbot can scan it and send help instantaneously. This AI feature is especially helpful for students who may need a slower, more thorough learning process and caters to the needs of students with learning disabilities.

Expect sophisticated conversations from the Õpet chatbot that understands you

It Understands Your Unique Student Needs

The Õpet chatbot is no regular chatbot; it is an AI-enabled chatbot that is highly contextualised to its user’s location, student curriculum and cultural habits. The AI chatbot features casual interactivity (and occasional banter) with its users, acting like a digital tutor companion that is available 24/7. It uses your personal behavioural data to tailor its responses accordingly: that means the Õpet chatbot will be able to understand your personality type and needs and tailor its tutoring in the most suitable manner.

Contextualised answers to screenshots of your homework from the chatbot that internalises your curriculum

Why Reinvent the Wheel when You can Reinforce Your Learning through A Simple Method

Based on our research through interviews with international schools and education professionals into the most effective “scoring” methods for high school students, the path to revise via reviewing past year questions and marked schemes is deemed to be most effective. Your learning experience and retention rate amplifies when you apply knowledge into a more practical manner.

Test Your Knowledge with Quizzes and Track Your Progress

Pop quizzes act as eye-openers that reveal what you know and what you don’t. On top of pinpointing your knowledge gaps, you can further amp up your revision by clarifying your qualms with the companion chatbot.

Intelligent Learning for All

Education has been likened to a rat race whereby the rich get unfair leg-ups with private tuition — the very student struggle Õpet seeks to stem. The Õpet chatbot aims to make education inclusive, accessible and affordable to all who need it — regardless of one’s learning or financial ability. It harnesses the revolutionary power of AI technology to empower the world’s struggling students with their own blockchain-AI digital tutor, giving them the tool they need to excel — for much less.

Join Õpet in its quest to make education the ultimate empowering tool for all today!

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