How Õpet is using technology to challenge the global class divide

By Pon Swee Man

“Education For All” has been on the world agenda for a long time running — and for a good reason. Dubbed the ultimate socio-economic equalizer, education is the magic element in every rags to riches story, now a must-have in order to survive and thrive in today’s data-loaded world.

Yet, the successful spread of education worldwide has caused the emergence of a pressing #firstworldproblem. Competitive education, or “private tuition”, has become the norm for the privileged, skewing the playing field once again as these students tend to fare better in school and in the workplace.

Enter Õpet, the game-changer of education today fueled by a strong social conscience.

With a passionate aim to make enrichment-focused education affordable and available to all, Õpet’s project harnesses the boundless power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to bust education out of the classroom and into one’s own hands. No money for private tuition? No problem.

A Digital Personal Tutor That’s There For You 24/7

The spread of technology and smartphones worldwide (yes, even in developing countries) gives Õpet a prime medium to launch its AI-driven study companion. The bot acts as a personalized private tutor that students can interact with — and actually converse with — according to their schedules, complementing the existing global national high-school curriculum.

Contextualized Conversation — It Keeps Up With Your Local News

The highly contextualized AI-companion collects its users’ data (nationality, race, language, personality type, interests, academic achievements, et cetera) and thereby tailors its answers and recommendations to make every conversation meaningful and relevant.

Powered by the same AI technology behind YouTube, Netflix and Spotify, Õpet’s digital tutor companion can tailor its responses and suggestions to each user’s personality and interest profile. Õpet’s intelligence empowers its understanding of local slang and location-specific current affairs, allowing it to stimulate worldly discussions that enrich student worldviews.

Intelligent Profile Matching to Institutions That Suit Your Personality

The Õpet bot doesn’t just stop at post-curricular help; it also takes on the role of an advisor which guides students along their post-high school paths and career choices. The conventionally complicated process of university hunting is simplified by Õpet’s recommendations according to its users’ personality profiles vis-à-vis the academic strengths and culture of potential schools.

A Fraud-Proof Global Academic Record System founded on Blockchain technology

Õpet’s breakthrough AI-meets-Blockchain technology not only benefits students, it extends across the administrative realm as well. The global education network’s administrative bookkeeping processes can be efficiently streamlined with Õpet’s solid blockchain technology. Tamper-proof and 100% accurate, the distributed ledger stores all student records with the aim of building a sole reliable archive of high school records to be used by all schools worldwide. Fraudulent applications and laborious manual checks will be a thing of the past with Õpet’s blockchain-powered verification system.

Source: YouTube

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Empowered by breakthrough technology and a passionate pursuit of socio-economic equality, Õpet holds immense potential to revolutionize the current education system — and it is well on its way.

To find out how you can support Õpet’s global movement to give every student a fair chance to pursue their full potential, visit the following platforms:

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