Introducing Opet Token: The key to attainable education.

By Charlotte Kng

Ever since the word “Blockchain” first appeared in Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin code in 2008, the world has been set in a flurry of crypto-technological initiatives. If you don’t already know, the blockchain is birthed as a digital ledger in which transactions made in cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly, with its most primal use rooted in financial applications.

The emergence of Õpet.

Umpteen corporations, large and small, have quickly identified the endless perks of the blockchain technology, including transparency, reduced transaction costs, swifter transaction settlements, decentralization and user-controlled networks. Amongst the whirl of blockchain-enabled organizations is Õpet, an AI-powered learning aid ready to take the education universe by storm with its Hyperledger technology.

With its core as a learning platform established to help students become better, faster and smarter through machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, Õpet is one of the first educational institutes to offer 24/7 tutor companions for students. The learning platform has the ability to understand and grasp the learning patterns of each and every student user and through that, provide learning recommendations that are both in line with the needs of the student as well as the educational curriculum he or she is required of.

A platform for knowledge sharing.

Having understood the importance of a secure network for educational data transmission and payment transactions, the Õpet platform is proud to issue the Opet Token (OPET); a complementing token designed to power an ecosystem supporting all educational-related expenses, from digital tuition to college admissions and scholarships. The network will also securely house all the academic-related data collected, including academic progress, extra-curricular records, testimonies and user interests amongst others. Through this revolutionary network, students on the platform will be able to seamlessly transact Õpet’s vast range of services with just the Opet Token.

Õpet’s distributed ledger will be built with the Hyperledger Fabric, a network running on the Proof of Authority framework that will be handy when it comes to building a global alliance of institutions with user-approved data-validation capabilities. Native to the ERC20 technical standard, the Opet Token will be a resident on the Ethereum blockchain together with many other prominent tokens including the likes of EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX) and Zilliqa (ZIL).

An aid for philanthropy.

Õpet understands the importance of enabling equality of opportunities for children and the Opet Token is a crucial element in making that happen. By purchasing Opet Token off the open market and transacting them on the Õpet platform, global education-related enterprises and charitable organizations will be able to gift beneficiary students the opportunity of education across the globe. This donation channel not only allows seamless and secure transmission of donation directly to the students (hence striking out any possibility of corruption), it also ensures that their beneficiary students use the donations strictly for educational purposes and nothing else. If that is not transparent enough, donors will also have full access to the academic track records and usage levels of their beneficiary students. What a way to go.

In a nutshell

With the aid of artificial intelligence and the magic of a decentralized network, education can be an extremely accessible commodity to anyone, anywhere.

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