Step by Step Guide for First-Time Investors

For those of you who have no experience in investing in cryptocurrencies, here’s a guide (with images, I might add!) to help you begin your journey in purchasing Ethereum, and eventually in purchasing OPET!

If you already have Ethereum in your ERC-20 compatible wallet, please scroll down to step 5.

Õpet’s Token Sale Smart Contract Address:


Gemini is an exchange where Ethereum is bought/sold, while MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a digital wallet that holds both Ethereum and all ERC20 compatible tokens, including OPET. Note that MEW is NOT an exchange wallet. Tokens cannot be bought/sold directly from the wallet online and it is only used as a means of storage and transfer. A good example of this would be taking Gemini as an ATM and MEW as the wallet you use on a daily basis.

Also note that this guide does not teach you how to buy and sell tokens, as that requires you to sign up on exchanges where the token is traded. This will not be covered here.

1. Create an account on Gemini (

a. On the front page, select register at the top right of the page.

b. Enter your name and desired password on the next page. Be sure to create a strong password.

c. You will be sent a verification email to the address you selected. Head over to your inbox and copy the verification code in the email, and enter it into the verification page.

d. For the next step, you will need to verify your account with your mobile number. Select your country of residence and enter your mobile number on the next page. You should receive a message containing your code, which you will need to input into the given box.

e. You may want to further authenticate your account by downloading the app, you may skip that step as it is optional. Select ‘I’ll do this later’. However, if you wish to install the app, skip to the end of the guide for a short tutorial.

f. In the next few pages, you will have to enter your details, along with uploading your proof of residence. You will then need to pass verification by the Gemini team before you can make any transactions on Gemini.

g. To transfer funds once your verification is complete, select the option shown below. Then select USD (Bank Transfer).

h. You will then need to go through the steps of adding a bank account, and adding funds from your bank account through your desired method. Transfers may take a few hours.

i. After the funds are deposited, you may execute buys from the buy tab by selecting ETHUSD.

2. Create an account on MyEtherWallet (

a. Enter a password on the first page. Note that you will NOT be able to change it after you submit it. Please record it down in a safe place.

b. Download the JSON file as it will be needed for future transactions.

c. Store the private key on the next page in a safe place that only YOU know.

d. On the next page, select access wallet with JSON file

e. Select the JSON file in the location you stored it before, and enter your password. (Ignore the message above, as it is secure, because the file is encrypted with the password you entered.)

f. Record your wallet address as it is the public address where the tokens will be sent to. It is not a must to do this, as you can always access your wallet again to find it.

3. There are 2 ways to contribute to Õpet.

a. You may contribute to Õpet directly through our KYC page. You may learn how to by downloading the guide here.

b. Alternatively, please head to for a detailed guide on how to KYC and contribute on our listing platform!

4. Transfer the Ethereum on Gemini to your MyEtherWallet address from step 2f. On Gemini, select Transfer Funds -> Withdraw From Exchange -> ETH. Enter your address and desired amount to transfer.

5. From your MyEtherWallet account, send the Ethereum to Õpet’s Ethereum token sale smart contract address:


By selecting send Ether/Tokens and again following step 2d. and 2e. Make sure you know what Õpet’s token wallet address is. Head to the notes below to learn more. The gas limit is the transaction fee that must be paid. The higher your fee, the quicker the transaction goes through. For more information, click ‘?’ beside Gas Limit.

6. Once your contribution is accepted, it’s done! The tokens will be sent as soon as the transactions are processed by the Ethereum network.


Buy Ethereum on Gemini -> Transfer to Ethereum Wallet -> Õpet Wallet, if passed KYC.

That’s it! It’s that simple! Once again, we would like to thank you for your interest in Õpet.

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