Introducing ØNDER

Commonwealth environment for digital energy business

Today we are excited to announce our project, ØNDER by releasing this whitepaper to the community for review.

We believe, that critical mass for power systems democratization has been achieved: 1.000.000+ people around the globe care about it and already own huge amounts of “stranded assets”, like connected loads, solar rooftops, e-cars utilized only to fraction of its capabilities to contribute to the resilient, low cost and clean energy future; 1.000+ start-up teams and researchers work to empower the change, but face barriers of missing data, money and work duplication, but primarily missing assess to the people; 1.0+ unique enabling blockchain technology is there to bring them together, but it is still too expensive, too long and unreliable to build “real life” digital energy services. We want to change this and develop a global non-profit environment to allow everybody to build trusted open source digital energy systems and services easily. The whitepaper describes vision, plans, steps to develop our platform on the Ethereum blockchain as a toolbox providing common building blocks, driving interoperability among decentralized applications as part of platform’s first development phase in 2018–2019.

Functional Structure of the ØNDER ecosystem


ØNDER provides interoperability, pulling accounting functionality and energy calculations from the application layer to the protocol layer. ØNDER serves as a set of building blocks, which can be assembled into complex and useful applications for energy industry. Interoperability at the level of accounting and energy calculations should lead to the fact that participants will not be limited in the choice of applications, application owners will not be limited in connecting participants to their service. A flexible approach to an application architecture will allow to respect local regulatory requirements. Regulatory features at the service level does not harm other participants and the Token Model. For regulated markets it is possible to run application, that could check and issue special certificate for services run on the territory of regulation (data storage rules, for example).

Moving Forward

We will be releasing more information soon, including our roadmap, timeline and some exciting partnerships. For now, check out our website.

We welcome feedback from the community and are open to collaborations, so feel free to reach out!

The ØNDER team