Look Inside our Kickstarter Launch Party for FashionTech Brand ĀPA-Intemporal

At ĀPA-Intemporal we’re very excited about the release of our first product, the ĀPA Raincoat, and the launch of our Kickstarter campaign!

Our Founder Léa Stein posing with a dear guest and advisor, wearing APA coats

Having previously won the Kickstarter Creator Jam award at Berlin’s ‘Tech Open Air’ festival we have been very excited about our big day!

We decided there was no better way to mark this special ocassion then to gather friends, family, supporters, fashionistas and many others together to celebrate the launch of ĀPA’s Kickstarter campaign.

Here are some highlights and behind the scenes photos from the amazing night, held on Wednesday the 16th of May in Mitte, Berlin as well as a first look at our official Kickstarter ‘We’re Live’ email!

Official invitation for ĀPA-Intemporal’s Launch Party held 16 May 2018 in Mitte, Berlin

Launch party attendees had fun not only trying on ĀPA raincoats but they also had the opportunity to get wet and see the coat’s technology at work.

Our Founder Léa Stein guides Launch Party guests through her designs to find the perfect coat for them
A sustainable FashionTech fan tests the ĀPA Raincoat under water
Our Founder Léa Stein and Head of Marketing Eldad Eitan, surrounded by their mood boards and prototypes

The evening also included a special keynote from Léa Stein, ĀPA-Intemporal’s Founder and Lead Designer. Léa shared inside stories from the forming of ĀPA-Intemporal and her desire to create the world’s most advanced raincoat — the ĀPA Raincoat. As part of the Keynote, guests were also treated to a special preview of ĀPA’s Kickstarter video. This clip is from the end of the video where Léa explains why she choose to launch on Kickstater.

Launch Party guests were treated to a special preview of ĀPA-Intemporal’s Kickstarter video

Energized and full of love from the wonderful growing community ĀPA-Intemporal is building, the team cleaned-up after the party then tripple-checked everything was set for 08:00 CET in the morning — the time the ĀPA Raincoat was going live on Kickstarter.

Léa’s desk after the Launch Party finished around 22:00–10 hours before going live on Kickstarter, so organized!

The morning after the party, ĀPA, the world’s most advanced raincoat — designed for style and performance at an affordable price — launched on Kickstarter at 08:00 CET on the 17 May 2018.

Subscribers to ĀPA-Intemporal’s Kickstarter campaign news received this email annoucing the project’s launch

Fashionists, fans and everyone who wants to look good while staying comfortable and dry in changing weather, are able to buy our coat on Kickstarter for up to 70% off before June 17, 2018. The earlier people buy, the greater the discount.

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