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May 17, 2018 · 6 min read


ĀPA-Intemporal | The World’s First Line of Raincoats for the Changing Weather

Dear all,

As you noticed by the story’s title, this is the Press Kit for the FashionTech brand ĀPA-Intemporal. In here you will find almost everything you need to know about our newly launched raincoats collection: from high-res images to press release material, plus some bonus pictures of our journey.

This kit hopefully provides all you need to know about our project and gives you plenty of reasons to support us and our Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for checking it out and in case you have questions, comments, ideas, or just want to say hello, send us an email at info@apa-intemporal.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Léa Stein, Founder and Lead Designer at ĀPA-Intemporal

P.S. You will find all images featured in our media kit via this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jm33epsdmz0vlf2/AABuJK4MhAedo9LOZAHeELUia?dl=0

About the ĀPA Raincoat:

ĀPA is the world’s first line of fashionable raincoats that performs like the best extreme sportswear. Designed with the busy urban professional in mind, it combines style with the latest nanotechnologies to keep people comfortable and dry in changing weather.

The coats were designed in-house and are 100% made in Europe with sustainable manufacturing and top quality materials. They are loaded with top-of-the-line features including integrating NANOSPHERE® waterproofing, Schoeller C-Change® membrane, CLIMATE SHELL ™ lining, and NOSO® taped seams for the best waterproofing, breathability and durability in the world.

Designed for both business and casual styles, they feature customizable details like an adjustable waist and wrists as well as a removable hood plus five practical pockets and a earphone buckle.

Thanks to ĀPA-Intemporal’s modern digital business model — cutting
out the middleman and selling directly to consumers — these luxury
raincoats are offered at an extraordinary value.

Men’s and women’s ĀPA raincoats are available for pre-order exclusively through Kickstarter from May 18 until June 17th. Those to join in early will receive up to 70% discount early bird discount .

“Our coats are made with some of the most advanced — and most expensive –
materials and technologies that Europe has to offer. Selling such coats
through traditional retailers with the normal markup would require us to
sell at a very high price. We wanted to democratize the technology and
launch the coats at an affordable price. Kickstarter provides an amazing
platform to bring our products directly to customers at a low price that
cannot be found anywhere else.”

-ĀPA-Intemporal’s Founder, Léa Stein

ĀPA Raincoat Features:

· NanoSphere® - One of the most advanced waterproofing tech in the world. Nanoparticles in the fiber form a fine structure similar to the natural surface of a leaf. Water, dirt and oil simply roll off the fabric - without any coating that fade over time!
· C-Change® - A membrane that adapts to the changing temperatures between 10°C — 25°C | 50°F–77°F. When it’s cold the fibers tighten up to increase heat retention. When it’s hot the fibers open up to breathe.
· Climate Shell LayersTM - A design that combines three specialized layers of lining and interlining: for wonderful balance of warmth and breathability.
· NOSO® Taped Seams - The coat’s stitchings are reinforced with durable waterproof taping, for complete protection and increased durability.
· Self Cleaning Fabric - The coat’s surface is dust and stain repellent. The more you use it in the rain the cleaner it gets.


· Top European Quality - Belgian design, Swiss technology and fabrics, Italian and French lining, Polish manufacturing and German hardware for incredible quality and details inside and out.
· Customizable: Adjustable waist, hood and wrists, as well as a removable hood on the Classic Men & Women style.
· Five Thoughtful Pockets: With dedicated pockets for your phone, iPad, sunglasses, removable hood and travel documents — plus an additional earphone buckle for sporty activities.


We are proud to be following high standards of working conditions and sustainable manufacturing. Our fabric supplier is Bluesign® approved with clean processes, and safe products for consumers. We also use nickel free hardware (anti-allergenic) and our products are free from any harmful chemicals.

About Our Team:

ĀPA-Intemporal was founded by Franco-Belgian designer Léa Stein in
collaboration with colleagues from top European luxury brands. After working as a designer for brands such as The Row, Dax Gabler and Lanvin in New York City and Paris, Léa set out on a mission, combining high fashion with innovating technologies.

The ĀPA team went on a journey: over 18 months, we traveled to top factories, labs and suppliers in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Poland to create a coat that would protect us from changing elements while looking our best.

ĀPA is the Sanskrit word for the element of water and we built our raincoats to live up to the name.With a first collection successfully launched on Kickstarter, ĀPA is proud to present its MODERN RAINCOATS.


Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2rKEFiY
Website: https://apa-intemporal.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apaintemporal/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apaintemporal_official/
Hashtags: #APA #APAraincoat #FashionTech

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ĀPA-Intemporal Magazine

ĀPA's the world's most advanced raincoat designed by Belgian FashionTech brand ĀPA-Intemporal. Engineered with nanotechnologies that adapt and protect from different weather. Sustainable. Transparent. ĀPA makes raincoats that combine style and performance at an affordable price.

ĀPA-Intemporal HQ

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ĀPA is the world's most advanced raincoat, built with nanotechnologies that adapt and protect from all weather. 100% made in Europe.

ĀPA-Intemporal Magazine

ĀPA's the world's most advanced raincoat designed by Belgian FashionTech brand ĀPA-Intemporal. Engineered with nanotechnologies that adapt and protect from different weather. Sustainable. Transparent. ĀPA makes raincoats that combine style and performance at an affordable price.

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