Can I become a “Mr. Perfect”?

Can I become a “Mr. Perfect”?

Thanks to modern technologies, the world is getting smaller and smaller, distances don’t seem so big anymore. The world offers so many opportunities. But as for the people relationships, true relationships when you are not afraid of being yourself without being misjudged, they become rare.

I know that it’s a risky topic, that somebody can read the article and misunderstand it. But still I’ll try…

Look! Here are I am. I may seem so “right” so honorable in somebody’s opinion, but I know that if there is a list of the most imperfect people with horrifying drawbacks, I am in the top of that list.

Frankly speaking, I am full of shortcomings. Maybe, lots of people, that read my news in Twitter or Facebook, usually think: “He is such a great father, devoted husband and such an important leader in the church.”
If only they knew, that I seem OK until they get to know me better!

I am not such a great father, husband and a leader. Of course, I want to be good at everything and do my best, but sometimes it happens that I cannot do everything correct, as I am not perfect and have drawbacks! I am not able to do everything on time, I miss a lot of things, forget a lot of stuff and sometimes don’t work properly on some projects. There are so many unfinished tasks and there are some projects that I forgot about and never begin fulfilling them.

Too often, I plan and I can’t finish, give promises and also forget, it just slips my mind, and I am ashamed that I sometimes promise and do not fulfill my promise. Moreover, you know — I am often lazy, but please let it be our secret!

Of course, I have some good qualities, but there are too many drawbacks in me they just outweigh my virtues. So, my friends, I cannot boast about myself in front of others.

Some can get disappointed in me while reading these lines or can’t understand why am writing all this. But I am writing all this with honesty because I want to help somebody to get free from envy and jealousy and from feeling of being inferior.

All these social websites and TV made people feel unlucky because you see there others who are cool and they do so many great things, and that they can finish anything they want, they impress you by their being such great parents, and prosperous businessmen or leaders in the church, and everything is done on time by them. They are so perfect, so talented that in comparison with them you really seem pathetic.

But, my dear friends, I want to tell you the truth! Stop comparing yourself with the images that you see in the internet. Just remember: “EVERYONE SEEM NORMAL, UNTIL YOU GET TO KNOW THEM BETTER!”

There is no perfect human being without shortcomings and drawbacks. Each person has weak sides and also good qualities.
Of course, we are not hopeless and can, even must, change and become better. But can we become ideal? Of course, no!

Remember! It is not important who are you right now, but it’s crucial who is Jesus Christ for you! It’s not important what you have done in your life, but it’s more than just important what Christ has done for you. It’s not important what you have achieved, it’s crucial that Jesus has reached your heart.

One day I understood the most important thing: the only thing that I can boast about is that I have Jesus Christ in my life. He saved me from sins, cured me and cleaned my soul, and made me righteous not because I am so good, but because He is!

I accepted Him into my heart and it means I change by His love and His power. Although I still can’t do everything and stumble on my way, and sometimes fall but I still keep believing in Jesus Christ and by His power of absolute Love I can get up to my feet and continue living for God. God loves me despite who I am and what I am, I need not to be something special to deserve His Love!

My friend!

You need to open your heart for Jesus Christ! Only God can help you and make you free from burdens and pains of your heart.

If you need someone to share your heart with, write to me about it! I will understand what you feel 100%, because I am not a “Mr. Perfect”, I am as imperfect as you are, however I know where the Exit is and the way how to get THERE!

You can write to me through this form:
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