“The Rainbow of Darkness”

By: Nikola Z. Brenjo

Sydney, Circular Quay Train Station many years ago…

Dear friends, I am going to share with you a personal story which happened quite a few years ago now. We all have stories and they all hold value to us. The value of this particular story to me is the all-important life-lesson which I learnt that day!

It was a rainy Sydney afternoon like many others at that time of the year. I was sitting in the bottom section inside one of the train carriages. Directly-opposite me there sat a young girl facing me. This was many years ago now, so many of the details I do not recall as well now. These are the details I still remember though. She was of average height, had light-blonde hair and brown eyes. She would have been in her mid 20’s. She was very dignified in her appearance. Her dress sense was impeccable! The train was slowing down and preparing to stop. I glanced at the sky and at that moment saw the Rainbow! I looked at her, one detail which is vivid in my memory to this day is a pattern of the wool-sweater that she was wearing. The colours on the sweater matched the colours of the rainbow in the same order! The train pulled to a stop, she got up and opened a white cane. My heart sank at that moment. I thought: “How cruel is it that she is not able to see all these beautiful colours gracing the sky!” If only I could, at that very moment I would have given her my sense of sight so that she could see the Rainbow! Instead, her rainbows are those of darkness… I also remember her smiling as she got off the train. It was as if she said: “ Life is beautiful after all, smile and enjoy it!”

I learned so much that day from a complete stranger without exchanging a single word! The lesson which I learnt from that day is: “be conscious of your constraints and accept them with dignity!”

We are all on this planet for a reason and with a mission to fulfil, exactly the way we are! During the course of our lives, we create many obstacles for ourselves. This is completely unnecessary. We do this by focussing on our constraints and not accepting them with dignity. Many of us obsess over our faults, instead of embracing the gifts we possess. Humans are imperfect creatures, it’s the way we are! We should use these gifts to improve our own quality of life and the lives of those around us in the time we have!