What did I learn/do differently this internship?

I spent the summer in the San Francisco Bay area, Sunnyvale to be precise. I was interning at Mercedes Benz R&D and had a significantly different(good different) internship experience!

What did I do differently/What did I learn?

  1. Turned on extrovert mode: An internship or experience can become incredibly more fun if one can relate to other people in the same endeavour. I was marginally more successful at this since I took a voluntary effort to talk and I must say it paid off very well. I once used to be the person that would work hard at their desk, expecting the work to speak for itself. However, it seems like a great deal of perspective and ownership comes from feeling part of the team. To this end, I made a point to break ice, and my favourite lines were ‘We haven’t met’, with an anticipatory tone. Jokes work well too. Trying this was much fun, at the cafeteria, before meetings, at the pool table, at lunch, etc. I made it a point to sit with different sets of people and talk to different sets of people.



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