Thug Love Story?

With a Cambodian Lady in her 40s? (ភាសារខ្មែរ​នៅ​ខាង​ក្រោម)

I am Ken.

I am a 23-years-old Japanese man.

I am a Tokyo University student, and have worked in Cambodia for countless reasons.

The handsome guy with flowers is the author

As my stay in Cambodia was about to end, all staff said goodbye and gave me bouquet flowers.

Really nice…, but the story starts after that.

I was about to go home with the flowers, but I had no vase in my apartment, so I decided to give the flowers to someone.

At that time, I met a beautiful colleague by chance.

I`ve got a chance to give the flowers !!! I talked to her.

“Hey, what will you do after returning home?”

-I will take care of my baby!-

She is only 28, but has 2-years-old baby already.

It is popular in Cambodia to get married in their early 20s.

Beautiful ladies are always sold out …

I lost intention to give the flowers and went home.

An ordinary small shop in Cambodia

I went into a small shop to buy beer cans on my way home. Everything is very cheap; two beer cans for only $1.

But one problem is that the staff are not friendly; they don’t smile, look unhappy, after all show no respect to customers. In my case, she was a woman in her 40s without words and a smile.

You see, this is what I did.As curiosity overcame me, I passed the flowers to her when I made a payment, and said,

“I would like you to receive these beautiful flowers because srasa saat !”

( srasa saat means you are beautiful in Cambodian language)

I won’t forget the moment.

Her face suddenly became full of smile, she said thank you many times and gave me a bottle of water for free. She looked very very happy.I didn’t know that I could please someone like that.What a wonderful night it was.

Everyone have power to make others happy.

Even a customer can please a shop staff.

Even a Japanese man can please unpleasant Cambodian lady if one have a will (and flowers).

How couldn’t we use this power to others?


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