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【 2019 ABS Exclusive Report II 】Innovative Financial Service: TTCheck helps making OTC derivatives safer and more efficient

BitoEX Offer TTCheck to Collateralized Mortgage, Making Crypto Loans

BitoEX exerts enthusiasm and strength to the utmost for supplying customers a convenient, innovative and integrative product in the Fintech sector.

BitoEX developed TTCheck and has its technical patent that is expected to prevent (over-the-counter) from frauds. BitoEX CEO Titan Cheng said, “There are lots of frauds on the OTC market, and BitoEX is actually a victim because of our high market share of exchange and wallet, about 80% in Taiwan.”

“TTCheck is a unique function to safe customers’ assets, and to improve the market security, to construct trading safety.” said Titan.

Besides, the other function of TTCheck is collateral. BitoEX offers TTCheck to Crowdfunding platform BZNK for their customers to collateral assets to make loans. Each TTCheck has a unique number, so if there’s anything wrong, they can claim for compensation.

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