Intro to App Development with Swift 精選 App 範例和章節重點整理

Lesson 1 Playground Basics

學習 playground 的操作和注解。

vocabulary: comment, comment out, error, playground, results sidebar

Lesson 2 Naming and Identifiers

vocabulary: assignment, constant, declaration, identifier, keyword

Lesson 3 Strings

學習字串的使用和字串置換 \( )。

vocabulary: character, escape character, escape sequence, quick look button, string, string interpolation, unicode

Lesson 4 Hello, world!

學習利用 print 在 console 列印訊息。

vocabulary: console, debugging, error, log, print

Lesson 5 First App

顯示一張照片的 App

vocabulary: attributes inspector, image view, project navigator, simulator, storyboard

Lesson 6 Functions

學習 function。

vocabulary: abstraction, call a function, decomposition, function

定義 function,印出讓自己一秒落淚的情歌歌詞

Lesson 7 BoogieBot

學習使用 API 提供的 functon

vocabulary: algorithm, API, function

呼叫 BoogieBot API 提供的 function 控制機器人跳舞。

Lesson 8 Constants and Variables


vocabulary: constant, immutable, mutable, variable

飛鏢 501 分

You may know the popular darts game called 501. Players start with a score of 501, and have to work down to zero. Here are the rules:Each player plays a “round” where they throw three darts at a board.Each throw can score between 1 and 20 points, which may be doubled or tripled depending where it hits on the board.It is also possible to score 25 for the outer bulls-eye or 50 for the inner bulls-eye.House rule: At the end of three rounds, whoever is closest to zero without going below zero is the winner.

Lesson 9 Types


vocabulary: framework, integer, type, type annotation, type inference

Lesson 10 Parameters and Results

學習 function 的參數和回傳值。

vocabulary: argument, argument label, parameter, return, side effect

Lesson 11 Making Decisions

學習 if else。

vocabulary: boolean, comparison operator, reminder operator %, conditional statement

Lesson 12 Instances, Methods, and Properties

學習型別的 init,property 和 method。

vocabulary: initializer, instance, method, property

控制 2 個機器人跳舞。

Lesson 13 Question Bot

學習利用程式控制 App。

回答問題的笨 AI 機器人。

Lesson 14 Arrays and Loops

學習 array & for in。

vocabulary: array, index, literal, loop, pseudocode

Lesson 15 Defining Structures

vocabulary: method, property, struct

想一個型別,用 struct 定義它的 property & method

Using the struct syntax from this lesson, create a type for your real-world object with the properties and methods you thought of. Remembering to mark each property with let or var depending on whether or not it will be allowed to change. If you’re not sure how to implement the body of one of the methods, describe what the method should do in a comment.Hint: If you made any properties with custom types, you can create placeholder types that have empty implementations. (See the TrainingShoe code at the bottom of this page for an example.) The placeholder type below will make sure your playground can run without errors.

Lesson 16 QuestionBot 2


vocabulary: cell, data source, table view

QuestionBot 2,回答問題的機器人,畫面上用表格顯示聊天訊息。

Lesson 17 Actions and Outlets

學習 action & outlet。

vocabulary: action, CGFloat, enabled, disabled, outlet, slider, switch

color-picker, 顏色選擇 App

Lesson 18 Adaptive User Interfaces

學習 Auto Layout & stack view。

vocabulary: asset catalog, auto layout, constraint, stack view

ElementQuiz,創作一個化學元素測驗 App


Lesson 19 Enumerations and Switch

學習 enum & switch。

vocabulary: case, default, enum, exhaustive, switch

Lesson 20 Final Project

Rock, Paper, Scissors,剪刀,石頭,布

Meme Maker,點選 segmented control,改變圖片的文字




學習 Swift iOS App 開發的學生作品集

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