Swift iOS App 讀書計畫

Apple 官方的 iOS App Dev Tutorials

SwiftUI: Getting Started with Scrumdinger

UIKit: Getting Started with Today

SwiftUI by tutorial

100 Days of SwiftUI

Day 1 ~ 42 ,49 ~ 53,62 ~72,79 ~ 84

Managing User Interface State

Managing Model Data in Your App

Working With Data In SwiftUI


WWDC20,Introduction to SwiftUI

WWDC20,What’s new in SwiftUI

WWDC20,App essentials in SwiftUI

WWDC20,Add custom views and modifiers to the Xcode Library

Hacking with iOS: SwiftUI Edition

Ray Wenderlich Video

Your First iOS and SwiftUI App


Your Second iOS and SwiftUI App



16 Lists & Forms

Mastering SwiftUI, APPCODA

Ch 8, 13, 14, 17, 21, 22 done

Mastering SwiftUI, BLCKBIRDS

Ch1 ~ 10 done,Ch 13 done

SwiftUI Basics for Beginners


SwiftUI Views

ContextMenu done

SwiftUI Animations

Thinking in SwiftUI


SwiftUI for Absolute Beginners: Program Controls and Views for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps

Movie Booking App


SwiftUI by Example

Building a complete project done

Build an app with SwiftUI

Build an app with SwiftUI part 1 done

Build an app with SwiftUI part 2 done

SwiftUI Masterclass

Project 1: Developers Card App done
Project 2: Avocado Recipes App done
Project 3: Build Honeymoon a Tinder-Like iOS App
Project 4: Build a Slot Machine Game macOS App (64 done)

CS193p ,Developing Applications for iOS using SwiftUI

Lecture 4 done

Maps UIKit SwiftUI

Data in SwiftUI

WWDC Data Flow Through SwiftUI

iOS Apprentice

ch2 ~ ch24 done

Swift Apprentice

ch19 done

GitHub Followers

Favorites Screen — Persistence done

WWDC19: Mastering Xcode Previews

SwiftUI — Declarative Interfaces for any Apple Device

1 ~ 47 done

A SwiftUI Kickstart

MVVM in SwiftUI

~ p84 done

An Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift

Drawing with SwiftUI

Geometry Reader done

nimbbble,learn to design,animate & prototype

iOS Dev Launchpad

WWDC20,SF Symbols 2

WWDC20,Meet the new Photos picker

WWDC20,What’s new in Swift



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