Like Father, Like Son

And I’m going to be a father

Synopsis: Ryota has earned himself an impeccable education, a good job, and a good family. One day, however, he discovers that his son, whom he has carefully raised for six years, has been mistaken for someone else’s child in the hospital. Each family struggles with the conflict of whether it is blood or the time they have spent together. ……




You can find the movie you want to see.

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An hour and forty minutes of straight comedy gold, thats Grown Ups for you.

READ/DOWNLOAD$- Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, &

In The Weeds Series: Character Development

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Miyabi's Movie Diary

Miyabi's Movie Diary

I am a movie, drama and game fanatic. I try to introduce the movies I recommend. Thank you for reading.

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