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[Storytime #4] The saving grace after a panic attack

Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash

“You alright Miss?”

What seems to be a simple showing of care, became that rainfall amidst dehydration in the middle of a desert.

I was lying on the middle of some street in Tsim Sha Tsui East, with my arms twisted like a pretzel from the numbness, and my face dull after all the tears. How ugly I was, that I dare not ask anyone for help even though I desperately needed it, just because I’m worried that I’d scared everyone around me.

But he walked over. From how he was dressed in a suit and was holding a laptop bag, it’s obvious that he just got off work. He walked over to this stranger who’s pinned onto the ground, and lent his helping hand. This was the first time I asked a stranger for help, the first time I tried to accept someone’s help. I was slurring over everything while attempting to explain my situation; and to be fair, I honestly don’t know how much has registered. He silently grabbed a packet of tissues from his bag to wipe my tears and listened to me, all the while thinking what he could do for me. Later, he helped me in locating the ambulance, held my rather feminine bag for me, and waited for medical assistance.

In Hong Kong, how often would people actually stop and listen to someone in need? To be fair, I couldn’t do that myself either. We are all too busy running around our own little circles, simply not having the time and energy to care about those that are crying for help. But then, if you stopped at that moment when you heard those cries, could you imagine how much you could change the other person’s life? Are acts of altruism fundamentally about fully helping others, or provide others with warmth? It seems that people forgot about such simple things in this abnormal society.

A simple gesture of concern means so much more to me than a thousand words. By silently accompanying a panicking me, it means so much more than making me laugh when I was healthy.

Thank you.

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