Horiemon’s foolish behavior and a silly excuse

Takafumi Horie, a famous Japanese company manager, appeared in NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) talk show.

Mr. Horie was wearing a T-shirt on which Hitler was drawn, so the broadcasting station received complaints from many viewers.

NHK apologized after broadcasting, but Mr. Horie didn’t reflect.

He refuted on Twitter;

T-shirt has written “No War” characters. Can’t understand that it’s a joke? Are they stupid?

Major newspaper in the world took up this issue.

A few years ago, Finance Minister Taro Aso made remarks that it would be better to learn from Nazi’s method.

I think Japanese society is too generous to the Nazi regime and Hitler.

What a foolish attitude to not learn from a tragic history!

鰯(Sardine) 2017/07/17