Where is Japan going to?

Osaka city and San Francisco city had “sized city port town” as a sister city tie-up in 1957, and celebrated its 60th anniversary in October this year.

From high-end paper to popular paper.

Mayor of Osaka Mayor who appreciates nationalism.

The friendship relations Osaka City and San Francisco City built for many years were attributed to a foam due to one idiot.

In order to boast of “The World’s top Christmas tree”, folly that carries a tree of 150 years old to Kobe.

After decorating with ornaments, it seems to be sold as a bangle. Crazy greed!

Then this too.

Takeshita is a member of the LDP, full of discrimination and prejudice.

Yamamoto is a cabinet minister of the LDP who said in the past that “Curator is cancer, not necessary”.

And more;

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To what extent do you feel like falling down is Japan?


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