7 Underrated Landing Page Tips

Little tips I’ve discovered that improve conversion rates

Benjamin Watkins
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4 min readNov 22, 2022


James Clear’s website shows the power of good copywriting.

Many factors go into an optimal landing page.

What are those factors? It’s more than a great offer and a clear headline. It’s more than stamping social proof on the page.

This is where copywriting helps improve conversions. Copywriting tweaks help sharpen the clarity of your message. Your readers understand more clearly what you’re offering them.

If you find your landing page has a low conversion rate and you don’t know what to do, then look at these copywriting tweaks.

I’ve discovered seven underrated tips that maximize landing page conversions.

1. Shorten the headline

Shorter headlines are faster to read. They are easier to understand.

Consider the power of these short headlines on websites:

  • Go from zero to $1
  • Start selling with Shopify
  • One app to replace them all

They all have six words or fewer. They all roll off the tongue without any effort. Avoid stuffing as much information as you can in your headline.

A simple headline trick is to make a promise to the reader. Each of these headlines makes the simplest of promises.

2. Make the above-the-fold CTA easy to read

If your call to action isn’t identified, you’ve already lost the reader. You’ve lost a conversion.

On James Clear’s website, his CTA stands out among the white space. It’s seen. The color blends well together.

Don’t overcomplicate the design on your landing page or website. Make the form easy to see as soon as the reader lands on your page.

3. Use numbers in your social proof

Numbers are specific. They make what you say more believable because it’s a concrete fact. There’s nothing vague about numbers.



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