DR NO: Three blind mice

There is something about James Bond and theme songs. The list of famous artists writing these bond themes is impressive. Artists including: Madonna, Alicia Keys, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Adele, and many more. However, the first bond film "Dr. No" featured the first bond theme song, and in my opinion one of the most flavourful.

Three blind mice

First the typical bond theme is played for the very first time, but quickly the tunes turn into a rhythmical feast. After the playful drums, the music turns into some early reggae song by Kingston Calypso. While the playful song is entering your eardrums, you'll see three blind people walking single file down the kingston roads. These three "mice" end up killing John Strangways (the cat) which triggers the visit for Bond to Kingston.

Please enjoy one of the more unique Bond opening themes in the following youtube video.