on validator setup — part2

Claudiu Nae
Jun 11, 2019 · 2 min read

I think its time to publish an update regarding our validator setup.

basic network diagram of our infrastructure

As of now, we are using a active-pasive architecture, the switching to the second datacenter (this can be considered a hot-spare) its done manually.

Our physical servers are colocated in 2 datacenters in romania, both are tier3 accredited so, basically, we kinda do a redundancy to redundancy, since both of them should handle almost all kinds of an outage or ddoss mitigations.

For sentris we use a hybrid combination of local and cloud providers, we allocate between 3 and 6 sentris for each network we are staking.

This update comes as a response for our attempt to make the networks more decentralized, u can check that here: https://cosmos-delegator.01node.com/#/bucket-delegate and as a follow up of figment network initiative regarding their setup.

Delegators should know these details about their validators.

The hardware we use is enterprise level, dell and hp servers, all equipped with Intel or Samsung ssds (also enterprise grade).

2 physical KMS servers (one in each location) equipped with YUBIHSM. One primary and one as a backup.

Access to our nodes is only possible through VPN connection from specific locations, validators only communicate with our sentris and relayer.

We hope we gonna see more information about other validators setups, we already started to work on something to gather this kind of information from validators.


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Claudiu Nae

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01node Staking Services

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