In a move that is designed to flick two fingers up in the faces of Buggles, the 70s band who famously sang about video killing the radio star –

And as part of a plan that was concocted during a Friday lunchtime chat over coffee with Marc Webber, Head of Sport at audioBoom, the leading spoken word audio on demand mobile platform – is proud to announce that over the coming weeks it will launch its very own lo-fi radio station on the Interweb. 📻

The channel, which is to be known on the audioBoom platform as, is aimed at discerning mobile phone owning football folk who want to create/listen/share bite-sized football related gonzo journalism from their Internet enabled devices. 📱

Think of us as an indie broadcaster dedicated to the sub-culture that is community football. Because we know the game was invented before 1992 and we believe that a lot what it means to be apart of modern day football is rubbish.

It’ s essentially made for mobile-owning football folk who spend much of their time on the hoof.📱

Our maiden programme is to be named “football shorts” so-called for its short-form audio reportage or – as we prefer to call it - socially engaged journalism – rooted in participation.

We’re interested in longer form podcasts from people and/or groups with something compelling to say, too. What’s not to like about a gathering of passionate fans discussing their last league win/defeat? However, with the empathetic eye of the journalist-our ethnographers (read-members) can locate and tell stories that matter, stepping over the touchline from observation to participation.

So whether you’re giving a post match interview or recording the next big transfer scoop – make sure it’s – aka boots on the ground in the heart of your community.