Moving the goal posts (for good)

With Sky and BT Sport reportedly paying £5.136bn for live Premier League TV rights from the start of next season (that’s £10.2m per match!) if a financially bloated, beautiful game was ever in danger of turning ugly it’s now – as the fat lady of this premier league broadcasting rights soap opera is warming up and about to sing without an passing thought for grassroots football which stands to only benefit to the tune of 5% of the top tier’s income.

At other end of the football pyramid, away from this superficially glamourous world, and off the beaten track of mainstream media is, a community-powered news, information and engagement platform that covers individual towns, villages and communities which is committed to a profit-sharing model which returns 77p in every £1 received in ad revenue to the players and clubs who participate in its network.

To state the obvious, we donate a little over three quarters of our income given to the people who contribute to our social network dedicated to the game.

Non league: where would Leicester be this season without former Stocksbridge Park Steels footballer Jamie Vardy?

The other 23p in every pound goes towards our costs, like paying our yearly domain renewal, interns and professional journalists whose words we hope you’ll enjoy reading.

So whether you’re a amateur player, potential advertiser – or a passionate writer – join us today. boots on the ground in the heart of your community.

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