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0Chain and Ocean Protocol partner towards trustless and convenient data markets

0Chain and Ocean Protocol are collaborating towards Ocean Market users being able to publish their data in a trustless fashion without having to run additional software.

This new capability of Ocean Market will use 0Chain’s Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE) technology. The PRE technology enables each user’s Ethereum wallet to safely share data asset urls (private data) with a 3rd party through a token that provides information about the location of the url and a re-encryption key that the 3rd party can use to decrypt the received url.

Ocean allows users to store data on any storage platform, including 0Chain, and provides a mechanism to exchange their data on Ocean’s marketplace with the use of their Ethereum wallets. The integration of 0Chain’s dStorage technology further boosts the utility of the Ocean Market and the surrounding Ocean ecosystem.

The collaboration will focus on 3 key milestones, towards trustless & convenient flows for data publishers:

  1. Generate PRE keys and encrypt/re-encrypt/decrypt data
  2. Develop a sdk to encrypt and upload and download data, and demonstrate in the context of Ocean Market.
  3. Develop a messaging server and API to share authtoken between seller and purchaser for seamless performance, and demonstrate in the context of Ocean Market.

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol builds powerful Web3 apps for the emerging data economy. Founded in 2017, Ocean Protocol connects data providers and consumers, using blockchain technology.

Ocean technology allows private data to be shared, without compromising control or security for the data owner, while ensuring traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved. Ocean allows data owners to monetize data while keeping control over their data assets. Ocean Protocol Foundation is based in Singapore.

Visit oceanprotocol.com to learn more.

About 0Chain

0Chain’s dStorage is a high performance decentralized storage platform to help remove existential threats for businesses such as censorship, privacy liability and data breach. dStorage helps entities achieve GDPR compliance and enables private data sharing.

dStorage has a suite of features such as customized storage performance, protocols to preserve enterprise-grade quality of service, collaborative writes, and streaming to address a broad spectrum of applications.

Visit 0chain.net to learn more.



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