0chain Shares its Expertise with The Times

Blockchain continues to be a subject of intrigue for executives the world over, and the international media has a responsibility to educate businesses through fair, insightful commentary on the sector.

The Times is one of the UK’s most respected newspapers and this month the publication published a special report on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Amongst the coverage was a detailed feature written by Joe McGrath, an established financial journalist who has written extensively for The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Titled ‘Smart Contracts and Blockchain Are Here,’ the feature included perspectives from our CEO, Saswata Basu, and explored how distributed ledger technology is increasingly becoming a crucial link in supply chain transformation.

As Joe McGrath writes, “Blockchain, the buzzword in the boardroom, is fast becoming one of the most significant considerations for major spend by businesses across sectors,” before looking to a panel of experts for their views on what this means in practical terms.

Saswata goes on to explain the benefits of smart contracts and how “Smart contracts let you programmatically make a transaction based on an event. This removes the human element of communication, interactions and errors associated with such.”

Joe McGrath then explains some of the practical applications of blockchain before turning again to Saswata for more insight, “Blockchain and smart contracts reduce transaction escrow times and associated costs by eliminating the need for human interaction. It also enables higher transparency and trust.”

This coverage follows CoinCentral’s detailed interview with our team on our AWS partnership and progress in the enterprise space.

Read the full special report in The Times here.