Become a Service Provider for 0Chain: Early Miners, Sharders, Blobbers Reap the Most Rewards

Following the successful launch of AlphaNet and 0Box, 0Chain is gearing up towards the launch of BetaNet. This next phase will include the incorporation of service providers that will help maintain decentralization and a functioning network. For more in-depth information, check out our Service Providers Brochure.

Why Join Now?

  • If you purchase the “white-glove” option from 0Chain, you receive a 1:1 return in ZCN. 
     — This means that for every $1 spent on a rig (+ service support), you will receive 1 ZCN. 
     — 0Chain will build, test, and deploy the rig for you.
  • Service Providers immediately earn 10% interest on all ZCN that is staked as well as the rewards from mining, sharding, and blobbing.
  • 0Chain service providers will be actively participating in running an ultrafast network (~0.5s finality) with smart contracts and dApps. This is not a typical wasteful CPU proof-of-work task.

Service Provider Roles and Rigs

While 0Chain is an open network that allows countless variations of hardware, the team has developed a recipe for three different rig options. These will accommodate everyone from the “casual” service provider to the highly committed. These are three different rig options:

  • M Rig: designed explicitly for mining; the most cost-effective model.
  • MS Rig: designed for Mining and Sharding; the middle-tier option.
  • MSB Rig: designed for Mining, Sharding, as well as enabling Blobbing; the top-tier option.

Purchasing through 0Chain


For more information regarding rewards, read our Token Reward Protocol and Storage Protocol.

  • Delegation Pools: service providers are selected to the active set via a squared-staking mechanism. If you are concerned you will not have enough ZCN to be selected, 0Chain offers a delegation pool which allows users to contribute their ZCN for you to stake via 0Wallet. This protocol allows users to retain their ZCN while contributing to your needs without the worry and hassle of transferring tokens.
  • The Zero-Cost Model: clients who elect to lock their ZCN immediately earn a 10% return. This interest can be used to re-lock, sell, or pay service providers for data storage. This allows user to essentially use the 0Chain network for free

If you have questions, feel free to comment on this article, email, or message us in our Service Provider group on Telegram.

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