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Fuji Registration Update (2/12/21): Home Stretch Phase

The following article provides a general update on Fuji Registration, reveals news for Early Bird applicants, introduces details about a Non-KYC registration option, outlines new hard deadlines for registration, and more.

Click Here for the Non-KYC Application form

Click Here for the FAQ Fuji Miner & Sharder Registration article

End of Early Bird phase

The 0Chain team is happy to announce that everyone who has applied to be a 0Chain Service Provider for Fuji on or before the date of 2/12/21 has been conditionally approved for the Active Set.

What’s next for Early Bird applicants?

  • If you have been conditionally approved, this means that you have fulfilled the criteria and you will be accepted as an Active Set miner, contingent upon your hardware being adequate and functional in the Active Set.
  • Hardware will be tested during the Final Testing phase, where we will deploy a practice run of mainnet with all members of the Fuji Active Set.
  • You can now apply as a Double Miner (more information below under “Double Miner Details”)
  • As long as you follow the proper hardware recommendations and you maintain communications with the team in the event of any hardware troubles, there should be no reason to worry about not making it past this step. We are here to help and happy to have any and all Service Providers aboard to help launch our Fuji Genesis network.
  • A reservation will be applied to the slot that the applicant has applied for and this slot will not be replaced, so long as the Final Testing is sufficient. The break down of roles approved so far (as of 2/12/21) is as follows: 13 Miner applicants, 1 Sharder applicant, and 25 MSB applicants.
  • It’s encouraged that Early Bird applicants take advantage of their early approval to make the necessary accommodations to secure their required hardware.

Start of Home Stretch Phase

The start of Home Stretch registration phase will not be much different from the Early Bird registration. For general details on registration and the Fuji Active Set, applicants can go to the main Fuji Active Set FAQ . The only differences are two new offerings for existing applicants and new applicants:

  1. All applicants can apply to run a second miner. Any Early Bird applicant can apply using their existing application, provided they meet the necessary pledge minimums to operate that additional miner (50k $ZCN pledge per Miner).
  2. Non-KYC applicants are now allowed on a conditional basis. See below for more details. The link for Non-KYC applicants can be found here.

Double Miner Details

  • Same Hardware Requirements per Miner as a Single Miner. A Double Miner must run two Miner/Blobber rigs, and must meet the Blobber capacity requirement (12TB of available hard disk space). If you are following the recommended spec for your rig, you will already meet these requirements.
  • Same $ZCN Requirements per Miner as a Single Miner. A Double Miner must stake 100k $ZCN (50k $ZCN per Miner) and a MSB + Miner must stake 150k $ZCN (100k $ZCN per MSB + 50k $ZCN per Miner). This is important, since the 0Chain code will not allow Miners or Sharders with a stake less than 50,000 $ZCN to operate in the Active Set.
  • Same Geolocation Requirements: 6–8 Miner/Sharder (M/S) slots per city; a maximum of 62 M/S slots per country.
  • If you are planning on running your second Miner in a different geolocation, please
  • If you were an Early Bird applicant and want to add a second Miner, you may apply your original pledge amount to the total $ZCN requirement. For example, if you were an MSB applicant who pledged 160k $ZCN, you meet the requirements (100k $ZCN for MSB + 50k $ZCN for second Miner); if you were an MSB applicant who pledged 140k $ZCN, you do not meet the requirements and must add an additional 10k $ZCN to your pledge amount.
  • If you were an Early Bird applicant and want to adjust your application, reach out to Derick Fiebiger (0Chain Operations) via Telegram (@fiebsy) or via email (derick@0chain.net).

Non-KYC application Details

The Non-KYC application is very similar to the KYC application with a few adjustments:

  • There are a maximum of 35 Non-KYC slots available
  • There is a 50k ZCN minimum pledge requirement per Miner slot; up to two slots may be reserved per application.
  • Non-KYC applicants are accepted for Miner slots only
  • Non-KYC applicants will still have to satisfy their 5-point criteria. In other words, $ZCN pledge amount is not the only factor in the evaluation.
  • In the event that registration has a late surge in applications and applicants need to be turned away, KYC applicants will be heavily favored over Non-KYC applicants.
  • It is expected that Non-KYC applicants are unique. The onus of proving the uniqueness of a Non-KYC applicant will be placed on that Non-KYC applicant (eg providing a recognizable telegram or twitter account).
  • When registration ends, Non-KYC applicants will have to sign a transaction, using the address they applied with on the application. This will be done to prove ownership of pledged assets. This proof is to ensure the Final Testing phase can be deployed since, as previously mentioned, the 0Chain code does not allow miners under 50,000 $ZCN to operate in the Active Set. The Final Testing phase will not use real $ZCN, but it will be designed as an identical simulation to the live Fuji Mainnet deployment. Therefore, to ensure a smooth rollout for the Final Testing phase, it’s important that Non-KYC applicants are screened for the necessary amount of $ZCN well before the Final Testing phase is about to begin.
  • The link to the Non-KYC registration form can be located here.

Official Registration Deadlines

1) March 1: Fuji Registration Closed

  • On March 1st, registration for the Fuji Active Set will close. This is contingent upon reaching a minimum of 100 registered Miners and 25 registered Sharders (Current tally: 37 Miners, 25 Sharders).
  • Once closed, this will finalize our selection of Active Set candidates. We will release a formal announcement confirming the final Active Set tally and Registration Close. When registration closes, it is expected for Active Set candidates that their MSB hardware is near ready for deployment in the Final Testing phase, which will deploy 9 days after the end of registration.

2) March 10: Beginning of Final Testing phase

  • Final Testing will involve the onboarding and full deployment of the entire Fuji Active Set.
  • The Final Testing phase will mark the deadline for members of the Active Set to have functional MSB hardware. The team will be available to provide input on specs and facilities. Please reach out to Sculptex on the community forums or our Service Provider telegram for recommended hardware options . Rental options exist, but space is limited.
  • Candidates will need their hardware ready to operate 9 days after the Registration Close (which is currently slated for March 1 so long as the remaining Miner slots are filled). If the candidate does not have the hardware in time for the Final Testing phase, they risk losing their slot.

For any further questions, you can reach the team at:

Best of luck and happy mining!



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