Roadmap and Benefits

Derick Fiebiger
Oct 13, 2018 · 2 min read

We’re staying very busy on development and as a result of this pieces & timelines are always shifting on us. Developing a consensus protocol isn’t easy; one can encounter unforeseen challenges, or encounter new breakthroughs which pull them in an unanticipated direction.

0chain has always had a short and long term plan, but because it was consistently changing we didn’t want to mislead the community with an inaccurate roadmap. As we approach AlphaNet, our timeline of events are still subject to many changes, but we feel comfortable enough to release our general roadmap to the community.

The 0chain 2018–2019 roadmap:

Achieving all of these roadmap goals will not be done without a lot of hard work. We have an awesome team in place to get there. What keeps us all motivated and working hard? The incredible innovations we’re achieving, and we’re achieving them in areas where our public blockchain provides legitimate benefits to Enterprises and Cloud Infrastructure companies.

Many people in crypto want to see blockchains provide solutions to existing problems. There are a lot of promises out there, but what problems are being solved? Decentralization is great, but are there any actual benefits to the bottom line by using 0chain? Yes, plenty.

0chain Benefits for the Enterprise and Cloud Provider:

Thanks for reading this brief layout of the 0chain roadmap and benefits. If you are looking for more details on storage and token economics, please head over to and check them out.

Also, please join our community and check out all of our 0chain media links:

Telegram Announcements Channel:

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