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Innovating to Zero COVID19

How to innovate our way out of Coronavirus hell by doing the right things in the right order

Bill Gate’s formula for zero CO2 emissions
Tesla: from a low volume sports car to a mass-produced one

First Stepping stone: Aggressive Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs)

Second Stepping stone: Regular testing

“Honey, we are late for dinner with your parents” yelled Martin to his wife.

“Well, it would go a lot faster if you helped me finish testing the children before we leave“ she replied. “Liam has not yet taken the test and if he doesn't do it now, the results will not be ready before we arrive to their home. I am not getting inside of the house without it.” Annoyingly, Martin removed his coat and started chasing the toddler around the house. It was already damn hard enough to have to chase the kid around the house to dress him up, and now he always fought too the nasal swab they had to take before leaving the house.

Third stepping stone: Public Health breakthroughs

Fourth Stepping stone: Vaccine deployment



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