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heads down.building()

.company () = Hired CMO (Corrie Dark), CPO (Eliot Stock), COO (Gareth Hordyk.) Everyone is focused on building out and scaling our operation.

New development teams have been brought in — we have brought in two additional development teams to expedite development of the kernel.

.platform() = An autonomous kernel that integrates with existing defi protocols in order to capture yield through a single unified interface. This interface and deployment on eth mainnet is a prototype for the defi integrations that we will be deploying and expanding throughout the EVM network.

EVM connectivity development is going to be paramount. Redesigning the infrastructure around EVM chain interconnects will be the pinnacle of what 0x_nodes is. As multiple protocols get exposed via exploits and with the markets shaken with uncertainty, 0x_nodes stands by its mission of building the interconnectivity layer to decentralized finance.

“The kernel strongly believes in uni v3 liquidity poolings.”

Our extensive testing for the past month on yield aggregating v3 poolings have been extremely successful. We want to demystify the experience, and make it accessible to everyone interested in the space. With our development team growing, we have expanded our roadmap and drawn down on our timelines, with additional feature sets available faster than anticipated.

Integrations with the kernel will be seamless. 0x_nodes is an open platform and we will welcome community development and third party integrations into our platform.

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0x_nodes is a network of deployed systems that allow users to move, acquire, and build yield bearing strategies with non-native assets across EVM and non-EVM based blockchains.

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