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0xNodes, BIOS: tokenomics

0x_nodes $BIOS Token Metrics & Distribution

BIOS Token overview

$BIOS is the fuel that unlocks the full potential of the 0xNodes network.

Through the $BIOS token, and utilizing the $BIOS token into a 0xNodes module you are opening the door for protocol fees to be collected, which you can then move through our network freely. $BIOS token will be issued through depositing assets (as single assets) into a liquidity module in the 0xNodes network.

The liquidity module is designed to be perpetual. A single liquidity module will replenish the supply of $BIOS inside the contract in order to continue distributing $BIOS indefinitely without inflating the supply of the $BIOS token.

$BIOS is intended as a basic input-output system, which we feel accurately represents our native token.


Max Supply: 10,000,000 $BIOS

$BIOS token address: TBA

Strategic Sale: 5% of total supply. 15% on IDO, then 14.166% monthly over 6 months

Private Sale: 9% of total supply. 22.5% on IDO, then 15.5% monthly over 5 months.

Public Sale: 1% of total supply. No vesting, token unlock at IDO

Team / Dev: 15% of total supply. 10% per month over 10 months.

Ecosystem Fund: 10% of total supply. 20% on IDO and 8x months of 10% per month.

Treasury: 25% of total supply. 10% on IDO and 90% on Main-net.

Advisors or Similar: 5% of total supply. 3-month cliff from IDO then 10% per month for 10 months.

Bounties / Grants: 5% of total supply. 10% on IDO and 8x months of 10% per month.

Marketing / Comms: 5% of total supply. 10% on IDO and 8x months of 10% per month.

Mining: 20% of total supply. No vesting

About 0x_nodes:

0x_nodes — a modularized cross-chain yield aggregation protocol. 0x_nodes is a cross-chain protocol that allows synthetic asset movements between blockchains — enabling broader yield aggregation strategies.

Website: https://www.0xnodes.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/XND_chat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0x_nodes

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/usjHQVpaES

Medium: https://0xnodes.medium.com/




0x_nodes is a network of deployed systems that allow users to move, acquire, and build yield bearing strategies with non-native assets across EVM and non-EVM based blockchains.

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