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2 min readMay 12, 2021

0x_Nodes closes $3.7m strategic fundraising round in record time.


Techemy, Magnus, Rarestone, SkyVision, MW partners and 20 others raise $3.7m in strategic funding for

For 19 days the team has been coordinating with strategic investors to fill out an all-star list of ‘value add’ backers.

The net result has been a $3.7 million dollar pre-IDO fund raise. Strategic investors include Techemy Capital, Magnus Capital, SkyVision Capital, MW partners, Rarestone, BlockSync Ventures and LaunchCode Capital.

With this new funding, the 0xNodes autonomy is primed to be a leader in the rapidly expanding multichain universe — simplifying multi-chain liquidity and empowering cross-chain yield aggregation.

In addition to bridging institutional money into the project, the 0xNodes advisory board has now been formed, bringing industry experience from other well known and established blockchain networks.

The advisory board is comprised of industry titans including:

John Lilic (Polygon),

Dustin Byington (Wanchain),

Jonathan Pootz (Magnus Capital), and

Karbonbased (GMI advisory board).

Strategic partnerships include:

The next major milestone for the project is the Token Generation Event on Samurai CyberFi — 17th May 2021.

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