0x Tracker is now recording V2 events

Following on from a note explaining that 0x V2 support was coming soon to 0x Tracker I’m happy to announce that V2 events are now being recorded and metrics reflect both data from V1 and V2 of the protocol 🎉

Not much has changed with regards to surfacing V2 specific information (other than a protocol indicator on fill pages) however I’m keen to explore what can be done around ERC-721 tokens, and plan to add additional asset information to fill pages using the OpenSea API.

👨‍💻 A note on contributing to 0x Tracker…

If you’re interested in contributing to 0x Tracker, perhaps in the area of ERC-721 token support, then keep an eye on this blog. I’m currently in the process of open sourcing the 0x Tracker codebase and will be posting more updates soon regarding how the community can make an impact on its direction!