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I’m a ****ing walking paradox

X Site eScape (Part I): Exploitation of and Old CoreFoundation Sandbox Bug

May 28 · 5 min read

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Dashboard, removed since macOS 10.15
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  • An HTML file
  • An icon in png format
  • Other assets like stylesheets and external scripts
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Amazing widgets!
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  • MainHTML: name of the main user interface
  • AllowNetworkAccess: permission to make cross-domain AJAX
  • AllowSystem: permission to execute a shell command
  • AllowJava: permission to use Java
  • AllowFullAccess: permission to read local files
➜  ~ nm /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DashboardClient.framework/DashboardClient | grep webScriptNameForSelector
0000000000007c5b t +[DBCAsyncUNIXScriptJSObject webScriptNameForSelector:]
000000000000540b t +[DBCCalculatorJSObject webScriptNameForSelector:]
0000000000005b93 t +[DBCJSObject webScriptNameForSelector:]
0000000000005fac t +[DBCMenuJSObject webScriptNameForSelector:]
00000000000060e4 t +[DBCScriptingJSObject webScriptNameForSelector:]
0000000000006bbf t +[DBCUNIXScriptJSObject webScriptNameForSelector:]
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I guess it’s born to be misused
➜ ~ nm /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/HIServices.framework/HIServices | grep CoreDock | grep \ T\
0000000000019e51 T _CoreDockAddFileToDock
0000000000018dad T _CoreDockBounceAppTile
0000000000018df2 T _CoreDockCompositeProcessImage
0000000000011e62 T _CoreDockCopyPreferences
000000000001a410 T _CoreDockCopyWorkspacesAppBindings
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  • Show desktop:
  • Show Workspaces:
  • Exposé: /
  • Show Dashboard:
  • TouchPad Preferences:
  1. Safari renderer sandbox has a writable temporary directory, where we can release a widget bundle here. Dashboard does not care about the quarantine flag
  2. Manipulate the preferences domain to install our widget
  3. CoreDockSetPreferences to enable Dashboard forcibly
  4. CoreDockSendNotification to activate Dashboard desktop
  5. Widget activated and game over


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