The SwapMarket dapp is live!

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Mar 1 · 4 min read

On SwapMarket, a group (or a pair) of traders can

  • transfer multiple non-fungible (ERC-721) tokens
  • transfer multiple ERC-721 non-compliant non-fungible tokens (e.g., CryptoKitties) and
  • create multiple non-fungible tokens (ERC-721 as Xcerts) all in a single atomic transaction on the blockchain.

1. Multiple FTs/NFTs to multiple FTs/NFTs

What does this gibberish mean? The custom choice of token types, of course. SwapMarket allows you to swap one or more of your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (FTs) — simultaneously and all in one atomic swap.

2. Many to many

We bet you own more than just one asset. Exchanging multiple tokens at once not only saves time but is also gas fees friendly. What’s more — a swap on SwapMarket can even be done amongst multiple partakers. Indeed, the collective force is strong with this one.

3. Custom orders

Unique assets make up unique bouquets. On SwapMarket, you can create your own combo of assets to swap and decide on the amount of each. Mix and match your tokens and do the swap on your terms. To each their own, we say.

4. Fully decentralized

SwapMarket is a unique dapp that brings asset swapping to the decentralized max. We let a swap be a matter of trading parties only. No matter the number of participants, they alone decide on their assets’ destiny.

5. Minimal gas fees

Did we mention that you can save a bunch on the nasty thing called gas fees? Yes, we did, but it’s worth mentioning again. The $ you save on gas with SwapMarket can eventually buy you a new NFT! And — the SwapMarket’s swap function is free to use for everyone and charges no additional fees. The more you swap, the more you save.

Does this sorcery really work?

Don’t take our word for it — see it for yourself:

  • The Taker sent 2 NFTs to User 1
  • Sum: 5 NFTs and 1 FT swapped between 3 users
  • Total gas fees: $0.35
  • Status: awesome 🔥

It’s built with the 0xcert Framework

SwapMarket is not only a dex that redefines the transfer of NFTs among owners. It’s also the first complete product built with the 0xcert Framework for developing dapps.

Ok, so what can I send and receive on SwapMarket?

✅ Have ERC-721 NFTs? Bring them on. ✅ How about ERC-20 tokens? These work, too. ✅ Ok, and CryptoKitties? Yes, please.

Swap. Or swap not. There is no try.

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