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Is it high time we had better DApp metrics?

Pavel Lebedev
Apr 8, 2019 · 2 min read

The blockchain gaming market has seen quite a surge in the past year. Right now there are hundreds of crypto games available, and there are many DApp ranking sites for players to study and choose from, the best-known one being DappRadar. Admittedly, the leading positions in such rankings may still be inaccurate to a degree, although they do include a lot of important metrics like DAU (daily active users), volume, transactions etc.

Our flagship project, the 3D blockchain space strategy 0xUniverse, was first launched in Spring 2018. And, just recently, it topped the Ethereum DApps rankings at DappRadar taking 2nd place, which, in fact, was 1st. Why do we say in fact? Well, there are crypto games that tend to crank up their statistics and metrics to appear more successful than they really are. That way they attract more players but later on do not live up to their expectations.

Our team has been poring over that matter. Something needs to be done about it so that trustworthy developers' efforts are fairly displayed in the above-mentioned ratings. What could be done about that though? Here at 0xGames, we think that a better approach is needed to calculate the rankings more accurately.

The possible solution, in our opinion, would be to not just use DAU to assess a DApp, but to multiply DAU by the transactions count. We could call that new metric “DAU x Activity”. Our team believes that it would make for a better measure of a game’s overall performance.

It should be mentioned that this metric can be cranked up as well. It can’t be avoided 100%. However, doing so would require much more time and resources. All in all, we do consider DAUxActivity a more relevant and transparent indicator. We’ll be happy to read your thoughts on that matter, so feel free to leave your comments below.

In the meanwhile, we also invite everyone to join in the galactic discoveries in 0xUniverse or fantasy-themed battles in 0xWarriors! You can join our communities on Discord or Telegram.


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