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How I See Things With Google Lens

AI-enabled vision for identifying objects and items in an image. (Source Google)
The Google Lens user interface from an Android smartphone.
Identifying products and providing more information about it via Google’s search engine.
Multiple objects can be identified as seen from this image capture from Google Lens. The labels have been “highlighted” and this is used to get more information about the object.
Identifying landmarks like buildings and public places.
I got the information about these snacks including stores that sell them and reviews made by other people.
It is good to learn more about what to eat before ordering.
Copying text from images made easy.
Text is first identified in the image. The text can then selected for translation if it is not in the native Language of the user. By selecting the ‘Translate’ option, the user gets the translation (in this example) from Spanish to English.
Different characters other than standard European alphanumeric can be identified and translated. In this example using the more direct translate feature, the characters were successfully translated from Chinese to English.
Google Lens was not able to identify any of these public figure faces.
The building was identified as Centennial Park, which was quite close, but not the correct name of the building. Perhaps this was based on location, but I wanted Google Lens to tell me the name of the building. All attempts of the shot taken from different positions failed to correctly identify the building.



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