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(Photo Source: Tesla)

Resonant Inductive Coupling And Wireless Charging For Electric Cars

Tesla charging unit EVSE (Las Vegas, NV)

Charging Time And Location Availability

EV charger locator (Source ChargePoint)

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging with a smartphone (Photo Credit cottonbro)
Diagram of an inductive coupling wireless power transfer system (Source Chetvorno, Discharger1016, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia CommonsWiki)

Redefining The Design And Purpose Of Roads And Highways

Charging plates and copper coils can provide wireless charging to vehicles while on the road (Source Electreon)
Wireless charging on the road (Source Electreon)

Autonomous Mobility

Electrified roads that continuously charge EV provide benefits to autonomous vehicles (Source Electreon)

The Road Ahead

Wireless charging while a car is parked (Source Witricity)



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