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Solar Energy — Renewable, But Just Needs More Efficiency

Solar Panels (Las Vegas, NV)
Places on the West Coast like Southern California (Los Angeles) are ideal for solar energy generation because of the climate. The west gets more days of sunshine when compared to the Pacific Northwest, Eastern Seaboard and the Southeast region (Florida).
2,000 hours * 4.77 kW / 1 year = 9,540 kWh/year
9,540 kWh/year - 7,441.2 kWh/year = 2,098.8 kWh/yearor9,549 kWh/year * 0.22 = 2,098 kWh/year
$0.12/kWh * 10,399 kWh/year = $1,247.88/year
10,399 kWh/year - 2,098.8 kWh/year = 8,300.2 kWh/year$0.12/kWh * 8,300.2 kWh/year = $996.02/year (total cost)$1,247.88/year - $996.02/year = $251.856/year (savings)
Solar panel installation at the Desert Research Institute (Las Vegas, NV). The LV campus generates 390 kW daily with 1,658 panels. That is a production of 235.2 W per panel. That reduces carbon emission by 1.3M grams of CO2. The overall efficiency is lower based on inverter performance. During the day it can peak at 291 kW between 12 and 4 PM. This installation has been around since 2013 and is already providing 7% of DRI’s power needs off grid.



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