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Polytools Roadmap: Where We Are & Where We’re Going

Why PolyTools is Unique Amongst the Masses

As we have mentioned in our other article explaining why we chose to build on Polygon (see here), Polytools has a dual leverage effect of both the Polygon and Ethereum network. As a result of this leverage, Polytools is granted additional protection in the form of market stability relative to other start-up projects. Additionally, PolyTools can actually ‘backpack’ on the exponential scalability inherent to Polygon, along with the network effect of Ethereum having the highest crypto-community in the entire world. This sort of trio-symbiose is critical to the success of PolyTools.

The Benefits Along with the Expectations

Our team at PolTools understands that it is pivotal that we build up our repertoire of systems that enhances both Polygon’s and Ethereum’s communities at an accelerated rate relative to other start-ups. To put simply, issues of both scalability and tier 1 functionality reduces in this interconnected triad, but requirements for development increases. That is why we have strategically put together a team trained for this continuous workload, and are fit to perform at a complexity a venture of this scale requires.

Implementations to Surpass These Expectations

In this respect, we are incredibly excited to showcase to you our quickly developing implementations to the PolyTools ecosystem. Our mission is to be the go-to one-stop shop for all investors to make the highest available profit margins the Polygon marketplace has available. As you expect, this mission requires no small number of tools, and with that we present you with 4 of our most anticipated developments in Q3 2021:

1. In-Depth Technical Analysis for Polygon decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

2. PolyNews: Aggregation of Crypto news for informed investing.

3. PolyStake: To make regular passive income on our network.

4. PolySwap: To create a DEX made to interconnect PolyTools’ arsenal of investment trading tools.

One Needs Organized Data for Informed Investing

Coming very shortly are our Technical Analysis (TA) charting graphs for mainstay Polygon DEXs. Starting with QuickSwap being the #1 most used DEX on Polygon, this feature will for the first time ever provide charting analysis to the world of Polygon investing. It is interesting to note how many other blockchains obtained these TA analysis programs and how it aligned with furthering their mass adoption and consequently their rise in the marketplace.

Beyond legitimizing Polygon investing through our TA implementation, this programming also acts as an anchor for our extensive market analytics, recommendations, and automatic redistribution applications that’s provided to our PolyTools community. To learn more about the intricacies of how our Market Multifactorial Algorithms works for our users, see here).

Educating for Expertise While Assuring Professional-Level Profitability Throughout

PolyNews is an exciting venture for this quarter; It will similarly act as a mainstay for data input into our Market Multifactorial Algorithms. However, the ability for our users to listen to the news while our PolyTools algorithms aggregates the news and provides inferences of the market trajectory provides an incredibly rich and accelerated learning process. This can fast-track the expertizing process for investors to have the ability to determine how types of news trends can actually lead to marketplace fluctuations for different types of businesses.

How Our Users Give Back and Earn Passive Income

PolyStake involves network staking and is an essential component of every crypto-company for their users to earn a passive income, for the ecosystem to stay secure, and to be able to actually exist within the decentralized world that is Blockchain. Any user can stake their $MATIC (Polygon’s coin) or $POLYX (PolyTools’) to earn regular interest accrual that fits the profitability margins of start-ups but not the volatility and therefore risk due to the PolyTools-Polygon-Ethereum triad leading to amplified market stability.

Building Up the Ecosystem Piece by Piece

PolySwap is going to be our fully hosted DEX on the Polygon network. With already an assortment of companies ready to join PolySwap upon their initiation, we believe this DEX will not only host the highest variety of quality coins and therefore monetary opportunities, but will also facilitate the most informed decision making for user’s investments. This is due to our highly concentrated web of apps and widgets that will be dynamically integrated into PolySwap using our proprietary Market Multifactorial Algorithms.

PolyTools’ Uprising is Done Through Meticulous Consideration

We are very excited to experience with our community all of these developments within the PolyTools ecosystem! We will reinstate that we acknowledge our need for a high degree of developmental velocity and quality of output to be the #1 Market Analytics project for the Polygon Network. We are driven and already have an unprecedented level of backing by the crypto community, and I hope everyone reading is more informed about our trajectory in Q3 2021. To see a general overview of the rest of our roadmap goals for Q3 2021 and onwards, see the figure below.

To learn more about our underlying technology, check out our whitepaper.



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