Polyamory as an Antidote for Dissatisfaction and Numbness

Chris (Mystic Life)
Feb 7, 2014 · 2 min read

It often appears to me that much of the widespread dissatisfaction in the world stems from the socialized behavior of sexual suppression.

We are taught that our love and body must only be shared with one person, despite that concept going against every natural impulse in our mind and body.

People get married, and they try their best to find satisfaction within the system they are told is their only “moral” option. And when this sanctioned system no longer feels satisfying, they try many other ways to find fulfillment in their life, but something often feels missing.

The still true (yet denied) aspect of one’s unconscious has a desire to expand one’s love. Yet by that point the thought of one’s partner being with another seems absolutely unacceptable, and so cheating or leaving are the only options for experiencing diversity.

It seems that many look upon infidelity with more compassion and understanding than they have for polyamory. Cheating is familiar and common…while polyamory is new and thus threatening to many.

Polyamory is subversive, because it goes against mainstream values. History shows us that change is usually quite gradual because most will cling to whatever they’ve been taught, even if their teachings don’t work for a large number of people.

The way to untangle this mess is to begin being honest. We can begin with self-honesty, and let it expand to honesty with those we care about. The truth of who we are sexually may not be easy for some to hear, but if we deny such an important aspect of who we are then nobody should be surprised if they end up dissatisfied and numb.


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1 + 1 + 1… = Polyamory

Exploring polyamorous perspectives and questioning the norm of monogamy.

    Chris (Mystic Life)

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    I'm an author on personal & spiritual growth. I enjoy sharing concepts from spirituality & psychology that increase well-being.

    1 + 1 + 1… = Polyamory

    Exploring polyamorous perspectives and questioning the norm of monogamy.

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