We Want
1,000-word stories or narrative essays inspired by a photo. We like literary, genre, and experimental work, as long as the writing is quality. All promising drafts receive a workshop with editorial feedback.
To Submit
1) Claim a photo to inspire your story (or claim a photo that matches a piece you’ve already written). Check out our gallery, and comment on a photo to claim it. Note that we honor photo claims for one month. If you need additional time to submit your draft, please email
2) Email your story in a Word or Google doc to Submissions should be between 900–1100 words. In the body of your email, please include a link to the photo you claimed from our gallery.
We have a super-quick response time and prefer work written specifically from a photo, so simultaneous submissions are discouraged.
For a behind-the-scenes look at our submissions process, check out our interview on Duotrope.


We Want
Photographs that inspire an opening into a potential world. Refer to our archives to get a sense of what we like. No full-face portrait photography, please.
To Submit
Email a sampling of your photos (up to 5) to Alternately, send us a link to your website or portfolio.
We look forward to seeing your work. We realize this process is a bit more collaborative than most journals, so please email us if you have questions!


Upon acceptance, 1:1000 reserves first-time electronic publication rights. Electronic publications are archived. After your work debuts on, you may republish writing in electronic or print form with acknowledgement that the piece first appeared on 1:1000. Photography rights remain the property of the photographer. Portions of your 1:1000 entry which you do not own (for writers, this means the photograph; for photographers, this means the prose) may not be reproduced or republished without express permission.

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