DAY 28: Tales Of Insta Thirsts And Solo Investigations

Day 28 Of How To Move On From A Man — 1LD

Ellen "Jelly" McRae
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3 min readMar 4, 2023


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Leaving James’ house last night, finally getting to talk about everything with my friends, I realised no one had any answers to my questions.

Despite their natural hesitation to talk about my breakup, some of their reluctance to speak to me stemmed from the fact they had nothing to tell.

No information.

No insights.

Only more questions about why Douglas had dumped me.

Even Taylor, his own brother, couldn’t figure out why Douglas had decided to move on. They came from a family where you didn’t explain yourself.

You simply had trust and respect for the decisions of others, no matter how reckless they seemed.

And asking for an explanation was the height of bad manners. It explained why I didn’t get anywhere with Douglas during our break-up.

Silence was his best friend. He would rely on it even when he shouldn’t.

I sat up in bed and seized my laptop from the nightstand. I went to open my emails, do a little work, and get ahead for the week.

But then I saw my Instagram opened on a separate tab and I decided I had to be my own source of…



Ellen "Jelly" McRae
1 Lovelock Drive

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